Friday, 19 July 2013

Post Number One

Hi, I'm Freya. For more information stuff, and if you are a stalker, go to the little information box, although I'm not sure where that is. I suck at computers, which is quite surprising considering the amount of time I spend on mine.
I've wanted to set up a blog for a while now, but these websites confuse me, and I never had enough time. Anyways, blog is here! Not sure for how long, but I will try.
This blog is going to be part book reviews, part other stuff reviews, and part stuff that I'm thinking about at the moment. I read a lot, mostly Young Adult stuff and classics, and a tiny bit of gothic horror. Also sci-fi and fantasy. I have a very bad habit of reading different books at the same time, and right now I'm reading The Hobbit, Great Expectations and Wild Swans. Which can be quite confusing...
Other blogs I love; The Perpetual Page-Turner (please, Jamie, be my best friend), Vlogbrothers, DailyGrace, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (finished, but I still rewatch them... like, always), Nerdy and Quirky. Okay, so pretty much all of those are vlogs, but whatever.
So I'm hoping I'm gonna get super motivated and amazing at writing, and do millions of posts, so that this one is covered in a snowdrift of awesome, cool things I've come up with. However, the likeliness of that is about the same as the likeliness of me falling in love with Justin Beiber. (As in, never going to happen). I'll try to post pretty often, and we'll see how it goes. Maybe.
Love, Freya

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