Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Life in Song/ Book Titles

Aaand, once again, a survey thingy from The Perpetual Page-Turner. I should probably find some other book blogs to fangirl over... Hmmm. Whatever, at the moment she's doing all these Friday Fun things, and they're really cool, so here's another one.
She did this just in book titles, but I wanted to do a mix of song and book titles to make it a bit more interesting. Her questions were all about when you were sixteen. I'm fourteen, so that would be pretty hard for me, so I changed it to 13. (Blue is for song titles, green is for book titles).


How would you describe your 13 year old self? Fortunate Fool
When you looked into the mirror what did you see? New Girl (When I was 13 I'd just started a new school and I was obsessed with fitting in and being like everyone else- it didn't work)
Your 13 year old outlook on life/ motto: High Hopes
How you think people would describe your personality: Same Old Same Old (I was just like every other girl, obsessed with clothes, boys and friends- yawwwn)
Describe an insecurity in high school: Walking Disaster (Basically just thinking I was terrible at everything. Still do that sometimes)
Describe your worst trait as a teen: Bigmouth Strikes Again
Describe the contents of your diary/ journal: My Family And Other Animals
Your biggest fear: Life is Elsewhere (I always worried that I was wasting my life, and I should be doing more important things)
You excelled at: (The Perks of) Being A Wallflower
You were always concerned about: Who You Are
You thought your life was: Beautiful Disaster (Unfair, just like every other teenager)

Love Life:

How would you sum up your high school love life? The Perfect Game (I'm sure it wasn't at the time, but looking back, it's so bad it's amusing)
Describe your most serious boyfriend from high school: Hopeless (I'm not kidding. We stayed friends for a while, until I couldn't put up with any more)
Describe your first real kiss: Forgotten (That makes me sound heartless. I'm not, it's just that we went through a massive Truth or Dare phase, and my first kiss is hidden somewhere in there)
Your philosophy on dating/ love: My Life (I LIVED for drama)
Describe your worst break up: You Against Me


Your relationship with your mum as a teen: Close To Me
Your relationship with your dad as a teen: Great Expectations (My dad was (and still is) under the mistaken impression that I am a genius who could rule the world if I wanted. He's awesome, though)
Your relationship with a sibling: The Giggler Treatment (Sometimes my dad would get so mad at us for laughing too much that he'd leave the table)
What you thought about your parents' rules/ parenting style: Love Love Love (Could probably be said for most parents. Overprotective though. I'm 14, not 4)


Describe you and your best friend at 13: Sugar And Spice (She was the sweet one)
Your "social status": Between (There was a lot of pointless drama, but generally people liked me (I think))
Describe your group of friends: The Wee Free Men (Me and my best friend were not very tall)


Your perception of high school upon entering: Everything Has Changed
Your relationship with academics: Just Listen (I hardly ever asked questions, but I was good at remembering stuff)
Your weekends were: The Moon And More
If your high school life was a movie it would be called: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
A class you wish high school would have offered: The Theory of Everything
Your last year was: Look To Tomorrow (We spent the whole time getting ready for our next schools)
When high school ended it was:  Rock And Roll High School (There were about ten parties in three weeks. That's a lot for a group of 13 year olds)

The Future:

How you feel about the prospect of university: A Thousand Splendid Suns (I am looking forward to university SO MUCH. I want to go to university in Paris (if I get in))
How you think your life will be like at 27: Great Expectations (Again. I can say what I hope it'll be like, but I have no idea, obviously)

Your Life Now:

Describe your love life now: Hopeless (Which is not entirely my fault. The boys I know are worse than monkeys)
Describe the state of your friendship with your high school BFF: Fade Out (Don't talk anymore)
Your relationship with your parents now: Same Old Same Old (Again. We're still very close)
Your thoughts on your high school reunion: Maybe (I doubt I'll go, but you never know)
Biggest lesson you learned in high school: We'll Always Have Summer (I will always have the memories, even if I don't see the people)
One thing you wish you had learned: Why We Broke Up (Maybe if I'd realised how unlike we were, I wouldn't have worked so hard at our friendship for so long)
Advice you wish you could have given your younger self: Love Love Love
Something you could learn from your younger self:  The Hard Way (To struggle through and ignore the stress)

Wow. That is longer than I thought it would be. Hope you enjoyed it! 

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